iPad 3 Concept video by Aatma Studios – Superb concept

Aatma Studios has already shown their talent by showing the iPhone 5 concepts like Ultra thin design,Laser input keyboard and Holographic display like in this video :


Now they have come up with upcoming iPad 3 concepts,we know those are fake,but are Awesome concepts.

Have a look at the features list, and the video shown below features :

  1. Edge to edge retina display : The screen display pushes the boundaries (literally too) in iPad design giving you a larger screen to watch videos.
  2. iPad’s Internal Magnets + Near Field Communications (NFC) : Magnets present in the concept iPad 3 ensure both iPads stick together. NFC enables the screen take over of the second iPad by the first master iPad.
  3. 3D Multiplayer Hologram : Soon as the ipad 3 game app is fired up and the game is resumed, holographic display springs to life in a darkened room. Game controllers project out onto the table surface, and two players begin playing football over their combined iPads.


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