Recover deleted files with recuva

Hi guys,I am here with a very amazing software that you might have dreamed of.

Have you ever accidently deleted your important files or documents or anything..?
Yes,I mean even from your recycle bin. I am pretty sure that it have happened with you already.
So now today I will teach you how to recover your deleted files.

So now for doing this, we first need a utility named RECUVA.

1. Download Recuva from the link below.
Click here to download

2.After you have downloaded recuva, install it on your machine.

3.Now simply run the software and choose the file you want to recover (eg music,image etc)

4.Now mention the place were you accidently deleted or where it was last seen.
If you dont remember then you can obviously click  “i am not sure”.

5. Now enable deep scan. It will start scanning for the files that can be recovered. Than you can select the file that you want to recover.

6.Than click recover files and enter the place where you want the files to be recovered.
Thats it.


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