ARQ: Intelligent Investment Engine by Angel Broking

Various internal and external factors are responsible for the potential risk linked with the business. Though the business market is associated with such risks but there is ample amount of opportunities as well.

ARQ is Angel Broking online advisory service that redefines Mutual Fund Advisory by recommending Mutual Fund that has the best chance to give highest returns in the future. It won’t be wrong to mention that ARQ is hyper intelligent investment engine which not only analyze the current trends in the market but also predicts the future analysis.

With the use of noble-prize winning ‘Modern Portfolio Theory’, ARQ has benchmarked traditional method of advisory. ARQ gives you the best asset allocation advice across major asset classes like gold, equity, debt mutual funds after analyzing your portfolio risks and returns. That’s why it is called ARQ – an Investor’s dream come true!

How ARQ works?

ARQ takes insights from your profile and using machine learning, it makes diversified portfolio based on your risk profile.

How to use ARQ?

ARQ can be accessed via Angel eye or Angel trading app. Once you are done with it you will start getting recommendation or advice via SMS service. Follow the advice of ARQ and start investing. No need to rely on fund manager. It is one of the easiest ways to invest and find an edge over market. ARQ services are completely free for Angel Customers. It is simple, dynamic and last but not the least, it is secure.

Key features of ARQ

  • Intelligent profiling engine based on insight driven recommendation.
  • ARQ possess machine learning and tested with a cutting edge cognitive technology.
  • It provides an optimum investment strategy and the results are back tested by Angel Broking and the past records are enough to prove that ARQ has excelled in various market conditions.
  • This high-tech automated investment engine has opened new doors for retail investors to ace the market!
  • It offers personalized advice on zero cost.
  • Provides you ‘Auto notification’ facility to re-balance portfolio.
  • No emotional bias.

The essential component to enhance and develop a cordial relationship between clients and advisers is trust. Angel Broking ARQ focuses on the variable aspects of the business world that needs to be considered. Ensuring that the business and the investors are gaining profit out of it with a keen insight of what all opportunities are yet to explore.

For more information, visit ARQ by Angel Broking.

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