The Spartan Poker: making Poker interesting in India

Most of you have already heard about the popular “Poker face”, but have you actually ever tried playing Poker? I hadn’t. Though I got to learn and play poker(and even win few games) through The Spartan Poker’s blogger meet.

The Spartan Poker is introducing this new sport to India through their website, desktop app and mobile apps. Why did I call it sport? Well, Poker is officially accepted as a mind sport by the International Mind Sports Association. I used to think of poker as a bad habit(same as the likes of gambling games), but after learning and getting to know what poker actually is, I had a lot of fun playing it. I played it with my fellow bloggers and I strongly agree that this sport is test of how sharp your mind is in tensed conditions.

Lack of places to play this game resulted in birth of The Spartan Poker.

We wanted to create a poker platform in India like Poker Stars where players can come forward and show their talent. We have managed to get to that level today

– says Amin Rozani, Founder and Managing Director, The Spartan Poker.

Why The Spartan Poker?

Various tournaments are conducted by The Spartan Poker through their online platforms. Players are rewarded with huge sums of prize money and also various gifts. Events are not only for high-end players. Many playing rooms start from very minimal betting price. There is something for everyone! Same goes for prizes. They also conduct offline events to promote poker in India.

Players from different locations can log in and play on the platform of their choice. One can log off on their computer and pick up the game on mobile app.

Goal of The Spartan Poker

India is always late in adapting to western culture. There are many examples, one of them is Poker. Poker is the new guy on the block and Indian crowd is slowly getting acquainted with Poker. The Spartan Poker is doing the job of speeding up that process with user friendly platforms. Though they face few hurdles, since the popular online Poker platform face some difficulties in the rules and regulations set by Indian Government.


I liked Poker in general. It kind of brings out/polishes your skills to take quick decisions and your ability to tackle challenges. If you want to try it out, go ahead and check out official website of The Spartan Poker.

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