Interesting iOS concepts that we might want in iOS 7

We recently saw the benchmarks of iPhone 5 running iOS 7. Let’s keep iOS aside of some moments. Think on this : Why Android is getting popular day by day? I personally like Android, because I can customize it with ease, without much efforts, without needing any Jailbreak sort of thing. Android is open-source and maybe that’s why there are so many developers working on it to customize it more as the user’s needs. Is this why many people are now turning towards Androids?

I guess Yeah.

I don’t want to sound like an iHater. I am also an Apple FanBoy. But I like it more when its Jailbroken, because Jailbreak gives me alot options to customize, install tweaks and change the whole thing into the way I want it to be. Though I feel that Apple should at least make few changes to upcoming iOS to make it more user friendly and these concepts below are the ones which I will LIKE TO see included in iOS 7.

Multitasking Concepts

iOS App Switcher concept :


iPhone 5 has got taller now, then why not the iOS AppSwitcher? This concept video shows the extended AppSwitcher with some useful functions.

  • Position of apps in Appswitcher can be viewed with a preview of each running app.
  • Extended music page abilities.
  • A new page of 8 useful toggles (can be repositioned) and brightness control bar.

This concept is actully reality now with a new tweak in Cydia named Auxo. You can get it from Cydia!

iOS Quick-App-Switching concept :


This concept shows a different App switcher concept which gives you ability to quick switch between running apps. Just a quick bottom to up swipe gestures divides the screen between two parts vertically and brings out the Quick appswitcher. See the other features:

  • Quick app switch by opening Quick-App-Switcher by swipe gesture
  • In the Quick-App-Switcher, swipe to right to show quick toggles of Wifi,Bluetooth,RotationLock,etc.
  • In the Quick-App-Switcher, swipe to left to show brightness and sound toggle.

Lockscreen Concepts

iOS Grabber concept :


You also feel that CameraGrabber on iOS lockscreen in not enough? Well, this concept shows us that instead of only CameraGrabber, how about having MusicGrabber, PhoneGrabber, MessagingGrabber too!

UI Concepts

iPad Dual-App concept :


If you feel that only one app on the large screen of your Apple iPad feels boring, then you will love this concept! This shows how to use finger gestures to enable Dual-apps on iPad(Concept only!).

DND Concepts

iOS DND Concept and Alerts concept :


This video shows how to enable DND feature with a pull down from top gesture (Concept only!)


This video shows DND alerts. (Concept only!)

These are the concepts that I feel should be integrated into native iOS! Which ones you liked? Let me know in comments below!


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