Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft Releases Microsoft Selfie app for iPhone

Microsoft has been lately delivering lots of essential apps and services for users across all platforms. Since the arrival of Satya Nadella in the CEO’s office in 2014, the company has released  popular and free Office apps for iOS and Android. Microsoft even released Cortana for other platforms during this period. Microsoft Selfie is one such latest move by the company which promises to enhance your selfie shots.

A new iPhone app titled “Microsoft Selfie” promises to help enhance the quality of your front-facing camera by automatically adjusting exposure and clearing up your horrible skin imperfections. The app also reduces noise and considers a variety of factors like age, gender, skin tone and lighting when making its adjustments. You can also press and hold on the “compare” button to see your lesser, non-algorithmically enhanced self.

There’s a slider that you can use to adjust exactly how much processing the app will apply to the final photo before saving it to your camera roll. You can also improve the quality of your existing photos by using Microsoft Selfie app.

Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft Selfie

Key features of this application are noise reduction, intelligent enhancement, automatic exposure and color theme.

n this generation of selfies, Microsoft is clearly targeting a huge crowd out there who are willing to go all means to make their clicks better and perfect for sharing across social platforms.

If you want to give the Microsoft Selfie app a try, download it now from iTunes.

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