Tips to Improve iPad Battery Life

Apple is known for its long lasting battery life. The company has claimed that its Wi-Fi version and 3G ipad will have whopping 10 hours and 9 hours of battery backup. However, the real world is completely different to the tests which have been undertaken in the Apple’s laboratory. Since, we leave no stone unturned towards resorting to watching movies continuously along with sending email to unlimited number of accounts in the process. Thereby, the battery does not long last for more than 6-7 hours. However, still having said that it takes a lot of time to charge fully. There is often been the case that while you are in your business tour, you are not able to charge it fully due to the excessive time it takes. Isn’t it?

However, while reading the following article, you will be armed with the most authentic information which is going to enhance the iPad Battery life without cutting short on your happiness and enjoyment.

Turn Off WiFi

If you enable your WiFi connection, then it is going to drain out your battery irrespective of the fact whether you are connected with Internet or not. Hence, in the event when you are not connected, it is advisable to switch off WiFi. It can be done by going to Settings -> Network -> WiFi -> and moving the slider to “Off”.

Minimize Screen Brightness

Reduce the brightness of the screen in order to enhance iPad’s battery life. You can easily go to Settings -> Brightness by moving the slider to comfortable settings

Turn off Bluetooth

If you do not type in front of your iPad2, then you do not need its service and it is advisable to switch it off by going to Settings > General and the fourth item listed will be Bluetooth.  Set the slider to Off.

Disable Ping

Apple’s social networking music service Ping takes a lot of your battery life in the event when it is on. Therefore, reduce the pressure on your IPad battery by going to Setting>General and enable Restrictions. You just need to enter a four-digit postcode and slide Ping to off. Great, isn’t it?

Even though the battery is fully charged, yet charge more

Although, you might get the display where it shows 100% full, yet there remains the gap of 5%to7%. Therefore, charge it again in order to make it completely full.

Auto-Lock Sooner

Shorter the time iPad’s screen takes to lock, the better it is for your battery. Change the Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and choose your interval.

Keep the iPad away from extreme temperature

Extreme high or low temperature does not auger well for your battery as it has the potential of decreasing your battery life. Therefore, in order to be at safer position, keep the iPad between 32ºF and 95ºF (0ºC and 35ºC).

Finally, by reading the aforesaid tips, you are going to improve the battery life in the easiest possible manner.


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