App Development for Best Mobile App User Experience

If you are an app developer then you are reading the right article, because this article will help you to learn some tips which can play an important role in leading you to success in your app development career.

App user experience, according to many app developers this thing is not much important because the important thing in their point of view is only money from app selling and number of downloads + how much famous the app becomes. Have you ever thought that why there’s a must Facebook app in almost every platform’s smartphone (Android, IOS, Windows, etc.) and approximately Facebook and it’s belonging apps are downloaded millions of times in a year, but why? This case is similar to that of instagram. Let’s learn some great tips by professional that will surely help you to make your app more famous in stores e.g. App Store, play store, etc. and enhance the app user experience.


Importance of Creative design:

Things which come under creative design are:

  • First impression of app before downloading
  • Visual effects of app
  • Simple/Difficult operation of app
  • Layout, colors
  • UI highlights

Although this this much important thing to concentrate while developing a app but it is true that many app developers not focus on this phase, which results in either failure of app in market or bad comments because of bad app user experience. There are some important phases which should be kept in mind while developing an app for giving a better experience at user end.

Make the app simple as possible:

Simplicity should be kept in mind while making the app because people would like to use the simple app rather than using apps with difficult operation. If the app would be simple in operation than there will be much ease for people to use it in any occasion e.g. while driving, travelling, playing, walking etc. This thing can affect the market of the app in positive way and there will be great user app experience. There could be old people out there who are smartphone user, so think that would they able use or like the app with difficult operations? No, obliviously they would love to use the app which is designed simple and contains the simple operation buttons + layout. So this factor in the development of apps means a lot.

Add some fun:

Today’s young generation want the apps in their smartphones with some added fun. Here fun means great visual effects, 3d affects if needed, great colorful layout designs etc. So this factor can also be beneficial to put when developing an app


So after reading and understanding the whole content of the above article, you may have realized that how easy it can be to become successful after applying all these tips. If you completely and accurately use these tips in your career, you can easily achieve the status and position you desire. Just what you need is patience and a bit of cleverness to use these in the correct way at the correct time.


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