What is your favorite mobile game

Is it Angry Birds? Pou? Hill Climb Racing? Well, good for you. I play them, too, and I find great pleasure in completing another round or passing to the next level. Still, my all time favorite mobile games are not these, not even Flappy Bird. It’s slot machines.

Slot machines are usually associated with gambling for real money, but this is mostly a preconception – they are played for fun, too. If you haven’t played any, you might not understand why these games of chance have such a big fan base. I can’t put a finger on it myself – I just like them.

Maybe it’s the fact that these games are very relaxing. After all, you don’t have to focus on playing the slots. You just push a button and wait for the round to end. When you win, you cheer and smile. When you don’t, you push the button again – that’s about it.

Slot machines are available online in an incredible variety. Of course, many of them are only available for “real money” players, but there can be found many “serious” slots out there that don’t require any involvement of your money at all. You just do a quick Google search on “Free Slots” and you will see.

These games are immersive, or even addictive. It’s their most dangerous trait if you happen to play them for real money. Still, I consider them some of the best games to play on the go. Mostly because I can end the game whenever I want. Unlike those above mentioned others, that you just don’t want to stop playing in the middle of a round.

So, where can you find good mobile slots, you might ask? Well, there are quite a few choices to consider.

If you are using Apple’s devices, you can search for them in the App Store. There are several serious casino apps included in the App Store, considering that Apple has eliminated the restriction applied to gambling apps about four years ago. You can find several great and free apps there.

When searching on the Play Store, you will only find free play slots for your mobile device. Most of them are great, but some just don’t give you that same atmosphere as “serious” outlets do. In this case you can also visit a “serious” online casino and play for free (in Demo mode). One place you could start is Red Flush. Red Flush slot games are basically not free to play, but on their mobile platform you can find links to the games’ “demo” version that you can play free in a secure environment, through a browser window.

Are you looking for a quick and easy game to play on the go? Give them a try – you won’t have a reason to regret it.


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