What makes a good online game?

With dawn of the digital age and mobiles, gaming has changed a lot over the past few years. Playing game on-the-go on your mobile isn’t a WOW-thing anymore. In this era, online games are gaining the popularity quickly than any other category of games. There are different categories in online gaming as well. Few on them have a story-line, few of them are role-playing and some of them are betting related, such as M88. You must be wondering what are the things that set apart these online games than other traditional games? What makes a good online game? Let’s look right into it.

What makes a good online game?

There are several aspects that makes a good online game. We are not talking about the graphics or visuals. We are talking about the characteristics of the game. Here are some:

Originality of the game

Every new game should either have a unique story-line or unique elements. It should contain something that was never adopted in any game before. There could be combination of old things, which can combine to make a new unique element. Because players like to try new things and can get bored easily if they have seen the same thing somewhere else.

Ability to make the player want to play again

The game should be re-playable. It should have certain characteristic which will make the player want to come back again and play the game. Not just missions or quests, but something which the player will get attached to, in the game. It should feel exciting every time it is played, like it was at the first play. If a game is missing this aspect, the player will get bored easily and might stop playing after a while.


A game without challenge is plain boring. If the player doesn’t feel the game challenging, he will soon leave the game. The excitement in completing a challenge is what makes the game re-playable(like mentioned in previous point). If everything in the game can be achieved easily, player will lose interest in the game.

Active Players/Community


An online game without an active community is boring. Many of the games I played myself daily in the past were just because there was an active community in the game. I made friends from different places. Playing together is fun, than playing alone. This is one of the best aspects of any online games.


Even though there are different types of games, not everyone is interested in a heavy story-line and super graphics. Simple games are enjoyable enough if they have the above-mentioned characteristics. If you are thinking to craft a game or just find a good online game to play, keep these points in mind to find you the best game out there for you.

Please share your thoughts on what you think makes a good online game. Let me know through commenting below!

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