Nokia Lumia 920 Keys test, Hammer test, Drop test videos

Thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia 920, but thinking about its build quality? Well here are some videos of torture tests on Nokia Lumia 920.

Tests on Nokia Lumia 920

1. Keys Test : Lumia 920 survives Keys test easily on both front and back sides.

2. Knife Test : Device takes almost no damage on front and back and leaves some unnoticable scratches on sides.

3. Hammer Test : Device was hammered on front, but that didn’t even affect it.

4. Nailed : Lumia 920 was used to hammer the nail, but the device even survived the test with almost no scratches on front.

5. Drop Test : Device survived all 3 drop tests (Hip height drop, Middle height drop, Face height drop) with some scratches and broken marks on side, but with no effect to touch screen sensitivity and the display.


Well, you must have got an idea of how strong this one is! Now its your turn to tell us what you think about the build quality of Nokia Lumia 920, let us know in comments below!


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