Looking for SMS spy app? Here’s what you should know

Mobile spying apps for SMS are no big news now and you pull a brick and fin at least 5 mobile spy apps oozing out! But if you want to spend wisely and don’t want to keep changing your SMS spy app, you need to read this short guide to be able to make an informed decision!

Welcome to the club

A study revealed that 49% of the parents want to know what their kids do while online or on their phone. This trend is equally prevalent at workplaces where bosses want to keep a personal check on the employees for possible cheating and information leak. So, yes, you have made a wise decision to rely on mobile spy apps to get in the know.

Your SMS spying app must have…

You probably landed on this page because you want to make an informed decision and knowing all about what SMS spy app can do is one wise thing to do. A mobile monitoring app may be capable of doing a lot of things and each app may have a different expertise. But specifically an SMS spying application must let you:

  • Remotely read all SMS content
  • Check SMS details like name & number of sender
  • Track date and time for all SMS

But don’t forget these things…

However the features stated about are absolutely must but some spying applications have added more dimension to SMS spying. Some applications will let you remotely track a number of other things like whereabouts, calls, phone surroundings and multimedia content.

Bonus advice: go for StealthGenie!

I did a detailed review on StealthGenie a couple of days back and I know that this spy app offers more than other when it comes to SMS spying. Beside all he must-have features, StealthGenie also offers:

  • Notification via e-mail or SMS to you on all sent and received SMS
  • Instant alerts on suspicious words used in any SMS
  • Checking deleted SMS
  • Tracking iMessage and BlackBerry PIN messages

Time to put on the invisibility cloak!

This is pretty much all that you need to know before buying SMS spy app. Make sure you know that the app you’re going for supports the phone or tablet you want to monitor. StealthGenie is compatible with all Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones, tablets and iPads. And what’s even better is that this mobile spy app is totally undetectable. So get ready to spy on your kids and employees in complete stealth mode!


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