Effect of web hosting on your search engine ranking

For the success of a website, it is very important to choose the right web hosting service. Google considers number of parameters for search engine ranking such as the content, headers, titles, URLs, keywords, images, and lots more. However, Google has now started taking the website speed as one of the major parameters for ranking. So, when you are looking for a website hosting company, uptime and reliability are the two most important factors that you should look upon.


Take a look at some of the web hosting factors that can certainly affect your Search Engine Ranking

  • Uptime/Downtime

This is one of major factors for ranking. Downtime generally means the number of times your website is inaccessible due to server problem or any other issue. So, when a visitor visits your website at the time of downtime, they record as inaccessible and move on the next website. However, if this continues to happen frequently, your website will be flagged as unreliable and your ranking will also fall down drastically. You must try to make your website 100% uptime to avoid low ranking and prevent your website from being flagged.


  • Shared hosting

Although shared hosting proves to be cost effective, it comes with several drawbacks. Shared hosting hosts multiple websites on a single server wherein each of these websites share the same IP address. In case, any of the website on the server is flagged or spammed then all the websites on that server will also be affected. Best solution for this will be using Bluehost shared hosting with dedicated IP address. Dedicated IP will cost you just $3 extra per month but beneficial for SEO purpose. Also you can use Bluehost coupon code from to save your money further while buying shared hosting. This will eventually affect your SEO ranking.

  • Performance

This is another major factor of consideration while ranking the websites by Google. The speed or performance of the website will affect the ranking results. If you move you website to a dedicated server or less crowded server, then the loading speed of your website may improve. Besides, if your website is based on WordPress then you may consider using Web Synthesis and WP engine. Both of these servers have shown effective results and also improve the speed of your website.

How can you improve your website speed?

Other factors that greatly affect your website and search ranking include the design of your website, tables, image size, JavaScript, content, and more. However, there are many tools that are available online that can help you deal with these problems and improve your website speed. You can also use the tool closure Compiler that can help your JavaScript to run faster and increase the speed of your website.


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