Establish your Brand Name in Online Directories

Ways of conducting a business have greatly changed. Internet makes life easier, hence people tend to look for anything in the search engines and online directories first; they might look in offline directories and go through further references only if the online resources fail to deliver with the recommended outputs. In today’s fast growing business, most businesses have enlisted their named in the online business directories and searching with any title brings few results, at least. If you are reading this and haven’t enlisted your business in online directories yet, they you probably should do that already.

Establish the Title

Your business should have one distinguishable name. For example if you are operating a burger chain in your locality named ABC Burgers, all other outlets of your chain should be named the same. Especially while listing the name with an online directory; because the search engines could detect ABC Burgers LA and ABC Burgers NYC as two different business endeavors. List the branches specifically in the business directory yet keeping the title name same. This is how a business title should be established online. When someone types in for your business in search engines like Google, the search engine crawlers will collect necessary information through these online business directory listings. Unless there are copyright conflicts on the logo and your business title, the results will redirect to your business website and maybe even to the different specific branches’ pages.

Backlinks to your Websites

Get people to review your business on blogs, social networks and other online places. These work as a secondary promotion to your business – they earn the necessary ad monetization fee and you earn the reputation you look for; it works perfect both ways. They may also provide backlinks that leads to your website. As the owner of the business, you are supposed to track all those links and make them appear on business directories. Rest will be figured out by the search engine algorithms. Practicing ethics in honest promotion is encouraged by Google and other search engines, forgery might put your business into a blacklist so never anything as such.

Category and Citation

Make sure your business is being listed under proper category. ABC Burgers should fit info fast food chain with specialization in making burgers – make sure the business directories have listed them correctly. This verification process may be called citation. Any established business directory would verify all details on the business on their own efforts; yet you should cross check too.

Business Directories in Growing Economies

Online businesses are growing at a rapid pace. Especially in the growing economy countries like the South Asian countries, online promotion or marketing has shown up as a considerably easier way to prosper. We have assessed few online directories from the region, and few of them like the business directory,, MapQuest, WhitePages and SuperPages (international) etc. are at operation. The enlisting process is easy and also, there are detailed reviews as well.


Listing a business on web directories might not seem like a very effective option to many, but it does contribute a lot to the business growth and return on your investment.

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