Methods I used to order LG Nexus 4 from US to India

Recently I ordered LG Nexus 4 for me from US and it is in the shipment process from US to India. I tried different methods to order the phone and ofcourse, some of them failed for me (not necessary that it will fail for you too).

Today I will talk about those methods, maybe you find a method better than others and use it! You can either order the phone by yourself from Play store directly or use other international courier and delivery services which will order the phone for you and deliver it to you.

1. Order from Google Play store and ship with shipping services

This method is really famous and cheaper than other methods, since in this method, you order the phone from Play Store directly by yourself. I would suggest you to try this method ONLY if you have SBI/Citi Bank Credit card or US credit card. Others are not working now as I heard (even tried myself).

  • Use a proxy/VPN to login to Google Play store devices page. (Without proxy, it shows error that its not available in your country), use TunnelBear for it.
  • Use Comgateway website to get a US address. (Alternatives : PPOBox,Borderlinx,iShopInternational)
  • Go to Google wallet. Sign up there and add your Credit card details with the US address that you got from Comgateway.
  • Go to Google Play store devices and order a LG Nexus 4 suitable for you (8GB or 16GB). Don’t forget to check the address while checkout. It must be the US address you got from Comgateway.
  • After that you just have to sit back and wait for your Nexus 4 to reach the US address.
  • Once it reaches, you will get mail from Google and even from Comgateway.
  • Then you will pay Comgateway international shipping charges to India.
  • You will get emails about the status of your phone’s shipping. You may also track it with the airway bill or tracking number.
  • You will receive the phone withing around 15 days of order.

This was the first method which failed for me, since I didn’t have SBI credit card. So I tried other method.

2. Comgateway’s BuyForMe service

I simply paid them around 383$, (349$ to buy the device and 10% of the total cost as their BuyForMe fees). I waited for a day, but they put the order on hold for some minor reason. Then I realised that I will have to spend much more on this if I buy through Comgateway (since I paid 10% of total order as their BuyForMe fees, it would go above Rs.25700). So I cancelled the order from Comgateway. They told me that I will receive my refund money within 14 days without any deduction in money.

You must be thinking that “how the heck this guy ordered his Nexus 4 finally?”. Well, check the third and last method.

3. Order through iShopInternational

Finally I decided to try iShopInternational (I should have tried it before. #regretnow)

  • I  found that iShopInternational also provide same service. I called them (they have centers in India too).
  • I talked with them several times, solved all my queries.
  • They simply provided me a total Quote of the product I will be ordering (was around Rs.24600).
  • I paid them the money by debit card. I received confirmation mails that they have received money.
  • I got a mail withing 15 minutes that they have placed an order on Google play store using their payment method.
  • They assured me that my LG Nexus 4 will be in my hands within 15-20 days max.
  • Now I am just sitting back without any tension.

Well, if you want hassle free process, then iShopInternational is good for you. By the way, custom duties on Mobile phones are increased in India now from 1% to 6-7%, thats why I had to pay around Rs.24600 , else it would have been like Rs 22500-23000.

So if you really want to order a LG Nexus 4 for yourself, then go with the third method (if you don’t apply for first).


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