How Samsung used integrated marketing to introduce Samsung Galaxy S4

Integrated marketing is the type of marketing which takes advantage of combined marketing strategies such as communication tools, media, customer focus. By using integrated marketing, marketer can be sure of the reach to their targeted audience. Integrated marketing can include severals ways such as advertising by different ways, using online tools for communication such as social media marketing, reaching the customers and keeping them happy, and thats what exactly Samsung did while launching their new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung recently revealed the Life companion Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s next flagship phone. While revealing the so called “most awaited smartphone”, Samsung actully follow simple strategies of Integrated Marketing to get a successful launch for their Flagship phone. Samsung simply followed 4 ‘P’s of Integrated Marketing, which are product, price, place and promotion. Lets see how Samsung used these 4 ‘P’s :


Samsung has always been ahead in producing quality product, though sometimes product may feel cheap in looks, but the material used in Samsung phones has always been durable. Samsung Galaxy S4 is no different. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a step ahead with use of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (best in the class) to cover the display which makes the phone scratch resistant and more durable.


Samsung has not yet priced the phone, but estimates are saying that it will be around 42k-45k. You might think that its too much for a smartphone, but the features this smartphone packs, the phone is worth every penny to spend on.


Samsung holds its Samsung Unpacked event every year and this year it was held in New York on 14th of March, 2013. They invite most of the famous website executives there and provide them the device at the launch for reviews.


Samsung is famous in doing promotions and this time Samsung did the same. Samsung created a buzz in the market before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 with their series of promotional teaser videos in which a kid was having the glorious device before the launch.


Even while Samsung Unpacked events, Samsung always invites big websites and provide them the device being launched, so they can review the device and spread it on internet. Samsung also used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter to create a buzz in the market.

These are the marketing strategies Samsung used while launching their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S4.


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