5 iOS Apps That Can Make You Cash

We hear about popular mobile apps for all sorts of purposes these days. Of course, social media and gaming are always up there with the most popular types of apps – but now we’re also seeing major movements in productivity apps, news readers and collections, photo editing apps, etc. But what about apps that can make you money?

We’re not talking about services like Groupon that alert you to deals and provide you with coupons in your area – we’re talking about the potential for tangible cash in your pocket via the use of an iOS app. Mind you, nobody is saying you’re going to make boatloads of cash off of these. But here are 5 iOS mobile apps that can put cash in your pocket.

1. IBotta

This is a pretty unique service that is linked with most major national retailers like Target, Walmart, etc. The idea is that you essentially tell IBotta what you’re going to buy the next time you shop, and then answer questions, read data, and socially post about the products on your shopping list to earn cash. Then, once you’ve bought the products, you prove your purchase via photo, and IBotta uploads whatever cash you earned into your Paypal account to contribute. You can also set the service to donate the cash.

2. Saving Star

You know when you use your Harris Teeter Vic card (or whatever similar rewards card) and they tell you you saved money? Well, with Saving Star you can hook up your rewards cards to actually dump this saved money into a specific account, which you can then withdraw. It’s a great way to tangibly benefit from reward savings.

3. Betfair

BetFair isn’t actually a single app – rather, it’s an online casino service that offers multiple gambling opportunities for mobile app downloads. Whether it’s sports betting or a poker game, you can enjoy chances to put money on the line and win big on your mobile device. Of course, there’s risk involved, but if that appeals to you, give it a shot!

4. iPinion

This is quite simply a survey app on a variety of topics that pays you for your opinion. Earnings of course are slight (100 “points” translates to $1, and surveys can be up to about 500 points tops), but it’s easy and costs you nothing. Your earnings can go toward gift cards or simply withdrawn as cash.

5. GigWalk

This is a pretty quirky service whereby you are paid to complete “gigs” in your area. That might mean completing a survey, looking for a certain product, photographing a menu, etc. – and if you prove consistent and make solid earnings (which is actually possible with this app), you’ll be given opportunities for higher paying gigs.


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