StealthGenie – a cell phone tracker app

No need for a watch dog; keep tabs on your kids by using a cell phone tracker

Are you suspicious of your child’s presence at any unwanted place? If you doubt your child’s presence at any particular place, but you are not 100% sure about it, then you need to stop worrying and do something about it. If your child comes back home and tells u a made up story and you have no other option but to believe them, then you need the services of a cell phone tracker software to find out the truth.

How does StealthGenie help you?

StealthGenie helps parents stay up-to-date with the whereabouts of their child’s cell phone whenever they want to. Starting from the call records of your child to their exact GPS location is the information that this cell phone tracker provides you with.

What you need to do?

You just need an internet connection and a User ID and password from StealthGenie to access your child’s cell phone data whenever you want to. The best thing about StealthGenie is that it runs quietly inside the cell phone of your child and does not let anyone find out about it. You simply need to make sure that you are using either a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android phone, otherwise you might have to deal with compatibility issues later on.

Calls and SMS messages logs:

StealthGenie provides parents with details of all the Call logs and SMS messages logs of their child’s cell phone.

GPS location and Record surroundings:

StealthGenie provides parents trace of the exact GPS location of their children whenever they want to. This feature is known as ‘Geo Tracking’ and it works with the help of the GPS navigator in your child’s cell phone. Parents can even record the surrounding sounds of their child’s cell phone with the help of this cell phone tracker software. This recording feature is known as “Live Surroundings”.

Great solution:

Have you ever felt the need to trace your child’s presence at any particular place? If YES, then a cell phone tracker software can be of great help to you. By providing you with the exact GPS location of your child, StealthGenie is the ultimate solution to your problem.


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