How to send free voicemails from your iPhone

As a mobile phone user, you will be very much familiar with Voice calls and SMS services. But I guess that you won’t be that much familiar with Voice Messages. Voice Mails are a voice version of SMS messages. Suppose if you have to convey a message to your dear one. At the time you’re neither able neither to Message him because of its private nature nor to call him/her at the current time but still, you want the message to be reached the recipient as soon as possible. When SMS and Voice calls are ineffective in these situations, Voice Mails are truly effective indeed. You can simply record and send your voice mail and the recipient will receive the voice mail and he/she can listen to that message.

But the main problem of voice mail is that they’re a bit costly than normal calls and SMS Messages. But if you own an iPhone or any other iOS based devices, you’ve got a better chance to make use of Voice Mails. This concept is using Voice Over IP Technology to send voice mails through internet, just like you make free voice calls and SMS messages through applications like Whatsapp and Viber.  Let us today know about some iOS Applications which will help you to send FREE Voice Mails through your iDevices.


Does the word ‘Ping’ seem to be familiar to you? Yeah I guess the name is derived from pinging which means messaging. Pinger is an iOS Application available worldwide and comes with a simple but great, and intuitive User Interface. The application gets strongly integrated with the Mobile Platform after it gets installed in the system which makes the Application very simple to use.

Just like all other FREE messaging applications, Pinger also doesn’t require your carrier but just an internet connection with you. What the application requires for sending voice mails is just a strong and steady data connection. This application is available in cross platform which means you can stay connected with your dear ones even if the recipient doesn’t have an iDevice.

YouMail Visual VoiceMail

YouMail Visual VoiceMail is a world known iOS Application for sending and receiving voice mails through your iPhone or iPad without paying a penny. Just because of their nice user interface and simple design, YouMail Visual Voicemail has satisfied thousands of users and the number is still on the path of increment.  When you’re installing YouMail Visual Voicemail, you get an awesome feature to block annoying incoming voice mails in your device, which is quite useful. This application is available if your device is having iOS v4.3 or higher.

HulloMail Free SmartVoiceMail

This is our next leader in FREE Voicemail services which has been featured in so many popular publications and has received a large amount of positive feedback. This app gives you a little bit more than just receiving and sending voicemails like you can reply to those voicemails, share voicemails and even can upload it to your cloud storage space.


We have listed out some cool apps for sending voicemail for completely free when your data connection charges are excluded from the bill. But you have to notice that at least not all apps you found under the label ‘FREE Voice Mails’ aren’t completely free and they might cost you some hidden charges as well as forcing you to subscribe to their monthly offers. But you can get a completely FREE voice mail experience only by selecting the best from the huge list but only if you’re ready to compromise with at least some features. If you use any better or ideal voicemail application in your iDevice, please let us know via comments.


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