Know who is calling you using Reverse Phone lookup app

Do you usually get annoyed by calls from unknown people or unknown numbers? Well I usually get annoyed and long ago I used to wish that I should have known the caller before picking up the call, so there is no chance I get fooled by any of my friend or any false advertisers. Well, now my wish has come true with some apps for smartphones which can show me who is calling me and some of his details.

There are plenty of online reverse cell phone search directories or websites to search for a cell phone number’s owner’s information, but when you need to find someone on your smartphone and don’t want the trouble of opening your browser and finding the right website and checking the number, then some of the smartphone apps come handy. Here is the best app that I found to have on your smartphone to Reverse phone lookup.


ReverseGenie is available for both iOS and Android phones and its a great app for Reverse phone lookup. This app provides unlimited searches for free. It also allows you to search for email addresses and Facebook pictures and profile links.

ReverseGenie allows users to use following features :

  • Reverse Phone Number Search
  • Reverse Email Address Search
  • Facebook Email Search

You can also enjoy increase productivity with these features :

  • Click on address to access Maps for your Phone Number and Email Search Results
  • Real-time updates for your address, email and phone number records
  • Support of 3 different phone number typing combinations
  • AND access additional information about the owner of a phone number or email address, including:
  • Real name of owner
  • IP address (email address searches)
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Registration date
  • Physical address
  • Carrier information & provider type (phone number searches)
  • Time zone (phone number searches

ReverseGenie for iPhone/iPod | ReverseGenie for Android

This way you can find out who is calling you and also get information of the particular person.


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