What does the iPhone 5 mean for gaming?

There are a number of reasons why people have said that the iPhone 5 is the best thing in the world at the moment, but for those of us who are tired of the hyperbole what does it really mean for how we use our phones in day to day life? There are a few ways that we might be affected, but none of them will desperately change what we do or how we do it. The only real difference will be the size of the screen for most people.

But on the software side of things there are a few minor differences that might make enjoying your favorite games or taking photographs slightly different. These little additions and tweaks are more to do with the software that powers the handset than the actual phone itself. The new update is called iOS 6 and it’s not as radically different as you might think it would be.

Game designers are primarily concerned with making fun and accessible games for the audience that wants them, but how they release those games is quickly becoming a more and more tricky prospect. Releasing games onto the app store is still as popular as ever, but now more and more designers are simply putting their games onto websites and letting the audience play the straight from the web. Companies like have worked out that if the games are available directly then there is never going to be an issue with compatibility or accessibility. It’s as simple as loading up your web browser and choosing the game you want to play from the list right there.

So no matter how many updates and upgrades there might be you can rest easy knowing that the games you love are never far away. It’s what the internet was made for, right?


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