How To Hide Stock Apps On iDevices without jailbreak

Hey friends, many of you might be looking for a way to temporary hide the stock apps such as Gamecenter or Messages and you don’t even have jailbreak or not even want to jailbreak, then here we come to help you.

Today AppleTechelping shows you how to hide stock apps on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad without jailbreaking it!

A way to hide your stock apps that your don’t use from your idevices, and there just a waste of space on your springboard. So why not remove them for the meantime. This video will show you a FREE, easy, & quick way on how to do this.

  • Go to from Safari and click on the app you want hidden.
  • A new app will start to download and say it was unable to download.
  • You then proceed to hold the “new” app, wait for them jingle, click the x and delete.
  • The app, ie. newsstand, is no longer on your springboard.
  • To get the app back, reboot your device.

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