Five Reasons To Give Away USB Sticks At Trade Shows

According to Vipul Patel, vice president of Asian American Retailers Association, or AARA, a “trade show gives retailers an opportunity for networking, learning about new products, sharing market information”.

Additionally to the opportunity to keep updated with the industry, a trade show is a great way to increase brand awareness. Using USB sticks as giveaway products during trade shows may help you get noticed and make a long-lasting impression on potential clients.

Here are five important reasons to use these gadgets as trade show giveaways.

1. They may help increase trade show traffic.

Such promotional items as pens, coffee mugs, paper clips, notebooks and tote bags are too commonplace. Giving away unique USB flash drives may encourage receivers to talk about the gifts bringing more visitors around during the show.

2. They will be used daily.

Flash drives are among the most used gadgets today. People of different occupations carry them around all day every day as they are irreplaceable for storing information. Functional and portable, USB custom memory sticks will remind customers of your company long after the trade show is over.

3. They are attention grabbers.

Customised USB flash drives are very effective in raising brand awareness as they attract the attention of everybody who sees them. Incorporate your company’s logo and colours into the USB stick design or make a miniature replica of the products you offer to create a real eye-catcher.

4. They can help with sales.

One more important reason to opt for custom USB memory sticks is the possibility to preload information about your products and services for the user to look through later. Firstly, you save your time during the trade show. Secondly, the show attendant doesn’t have to carry around printed catalogues and booklets for the duration of the event.

5. They are easily updated.

Should any changes to the product range or prices happen, it’s easy to update the information on flash drives even at the last minute. Try doing the same with printed material.

As trade shows are rich in marketing opportunities, it’s essential to choose the right promotional giveaways to boost your brand recognition. Gadgets such as custom memory sticks are very effective in doing just that.


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