Top 5 HP Ink Cartridges That Can Last Long On Refill

Because the cost of your HP ink cartridges it is important to know which ones can actually save you money in the long run. A refill is a good way to save money, but if the cartridge does not last long then you will still be spending a lot in refills. Some companies will tell you that you should not be refilling the ink cartridges, but the process is simple and will give you great results especially with the following cartridges.

HP61XL Tricolor Ink Cartridge

The HP61 is a refillable color cartridge which is actually very easy to refill. When this cartridge is brand new you can get a total of 24% savings each page which translates to 330 pages in average. You can get the same performance with your refill at a much lower price. To refill it you will need tape, a syringe and paper towels. Make sure to inject the colors in the right spot and do so slowly.


Like most black ink cartridges the HP60XL will last longer than their color counterparts. The regular lifespan for this cartridge is almost twice as much than the color version for the same printer at a total of 600 pages. You could actually extend the life of the cartridge by using one of the different programs which are available for it. In average you get 22 percent per page each time that you print and that translates into huge savings over the long run.

HP 564XL Black Ink Cartridge

The brand new HP 564XL saves you about 13 percent per page which is not as much as the other two, but still enough to say that you will be saving a good amount. Use fade resistant color for similar performance as the new cartridge, and if you want to save more simply set your printer to the draft option. Doing so will end up saving you a lot more. You will probably not need to override the quality after setup because you will barely even notice the difference with black ink.

HP CM8050 Magenta Ink Cartridge

Per cartridge very few cartridges will give you the performance you will get with this one. After the refill you should be getting over 65,000 pages. It is necessary to use fade resistant ink when using this cartridge as that is what HP gives you to begin with. Not all ink controlling software will work but you are already getting close to 68,000 pages so you may not even feel as if you need it. This cartridge is perfect for business users.

HP 933XL Cyan Ink Cartridge

This is a very good choice if you have a printer that takes it. The 933 Cyan ink cartridge gives you a savings per page of 41 percent for a total of 825 pages This is also a cartridge that gives you some of the best results so make sure that you pick a good ink replacement when you do a refill for it.

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