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On October 28, 2012
Last modified:August 8, 2014


Allslots Casino Blackjack is ann addictive cards game, though it has less options, it makes the game more simpler.

Everyone loves to play games. Platform doesn’t matter, it could be a real life game, PC, Android, iPhone, even we love to play the Snake game on Nokia 1100. Android devices fullfill everyone’s wishes with thousands of cool apps and games. There are plenty of categories in games such as Strategy, Cards, Arcade, Racing, Sports ,RPGs, MMORPGs, etc.

When it comes to card games, I guess noone can stay away from them. Who doesn’t love card games? Almost everyone of us love card games and some of us are even addicted to them. Today I am gonna review one of the addictive card games which is Allslots Casino Blackjack.

Description of game :

Blackjack the most popular casino game of all time – offering the perfect combination of strategy and luck! Few casino games involve the amount of strategy that Blackjack does, and to succeed it’s vital to make as many correct moves as possible – the better you are the more exciting it is!

Now you can become a Blackjack expert in a matter of hours! Improve your Blackjack skills with our free App – impress your friends, impress yourself – free to download and free to play!

My review of the game :

  • Very first feature of the game which I found really amazing is the game is available for FREE.
  • The game size is really small compared to fun that you are going to get from it. Its just 621KBs. Thats even lower than the size of one picture taken from your device’s camera.
  • After launching the game, you don’t have to wait for configuration options and all that stuff. You will already be on table as soon as you launch the app. It just need to establish connection which takes not even 2 seconds.
  • The graphics, UI and sounds of the game make you feel like you are there on casino table.
  • Gameplay is really smooth, even on low hardware config devices.
  • Game works flawlessly in horizontal as well as vertical orientation of screen.

Installation of game :

Installation of the game is preety simple, just go to Play Store, and search for Allslots casino blackjack and install it or You can install blackjack free android app at Google Play with the link and start playing Blackjack today!

Let us know your thoughts about this game in comments below!


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