Printer Ink Colour Combinations – all you wanted to know

Colorful printing can be pretty fascinating to behold, especially when you have a swanky color printer installed at your office desk. Images that vivify your screens can take a few moments to be in your hands, printed on top quality paper, and reflecting all shades with lifelike reality, thanks to the colored inks fed into the printer. Unfortunately, the desire that employees have upon being given access to a colored printer can inflate your printer supply expenses. Over the year, colored ink purchases might just be a subset of your printer supplies expense sheets, but you can actually deliver some reassurance to your bottom lines by mitigating the excessive ink purchases happening in your office. Understanding color combinations is a smart exercise, as it could just present you with better ideas about the kind of ink you require mostly. We begin with a fact, and then take you through the entire rainbow step by step. The primary colors for the printer – It might come as a surprise for some, but the colored printer on your office desk uses just 3 primary colors, combining them into different proportions to create the whole rainbow of colors on paper. These colors are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

The basic black color – Here’s a question that might have struck your mind sometimes, especially if you’ve been using colored ink cartridges from a long time. How does black ink result, when you have a cartridge having cyan, yellow and magenta colors? Well, actually these three colors mix into each other, equal amounts of all three colors being used, to create the black ink. Of course, using proper black ink is the best way, but if you’re just using a 3-compartment colored ink cartridge, then that’s how the black printing will result. However, you might notice the print being more grayish than black; that’s because of the irregular combining of the 3 colors. If your office printing is mostly about internal circulation of documents, it is recommended that you use black ink cartridge from dependable company. If you want great value on hp cartridges or Epson cartridges then you must browse Cartridge Discount.

Cyan – You’d undoubtedly envisage cyan as a mix of blue and green tinges, and that’s pretty true. Cyan is actually a subtractive color. It performs the vital function of removing excess brightness from images, and lends shadowy depth to prints. Also, colors near the darker end of the sketch-box depend on higher proportions of cyan. You can either choose an individual ink cartridge for cyan, or depend on the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow combined ink option.

Magenta – You’ll invariably notice hues of blue, sans the greenish element in magenta. Though magenta is also regarded as a subtractive color, just like cyan, it is more responsible for reflecting shades found in the middle of the color palette. Again, you have the individual or combined cartridge purchasing option.

Yellow – This versatile color can fuse with green to create dark shades, and can reflect brighter variants of colors depending upon the dose of ‘yellow’. Yellow absorbs all blue wavelengths from the incident spectrum, and is also known as a ‘blue-less’ color.


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