How to monitor your iPad and Android Tablets

Are you concerned about the fact that your employers or children are resorting to unwanted or obscene sites on iPad or Android tablet? Do you want to effectively deal with the situation in order to make sure that the device is not used for inappropriate activities? If yes, is your answer, then read the following article since it is going to help you immensely quite like the way you want. Hence, you will equally save yourself from distressing and challenging times.

After all, you should have reasons to cheer up since PeekTab has come to your rescue.

So, what is PeekTab?

Peektab is indeed hybrid software that gives you the luxury of tablet monitoring in a highly sophisticated way and in real time as well. The device acts as a table spy as it records the activities of any body that uses your iPad (iOS) or android tablet.

Installation is extremely easy. The best thing is that it does not show up in the running list, thereby it does not give any idea to others and starts at every boot of the tablet too. Hence, after the set up is done, it does tablet monitoring of range of activities and upload the data to your private PeekTab account by using the Internet.

Therefore, PeekTab gives you the luxury of knowing the websites which have been visited by your child or employees. It records all URLs along with date and time. Hence, you ensure increasing smiles since you are effectively able to track the activities of every one without giving any sort of suspicion in the process as well. Great isn’t it?


How will you install it?

There are 4 easy steps

1# Make Purchase

Go to the order page and after fulfilling the PeekTab legal requirements, click next and enter your billing information and complete the order.

2# Download Software to the Tablet

You will receive an email receipt with registration code which has your username and password and on completing the order you register with it. After that, you get a link to download the program and instructions are there to help you along with the User Guide which you can find online as well. The software after being installed, run in full stealth mode and is rightly devoid of icons.

3# Adjust Settings
As it is installed; you will have certain key sequence and instructions for opening the PeekTab program on tablet. Use it to open and customize the monitoring setting and finally select the option to start monitoring

4# Login to View Activities

The tablet monitoring will start and it does not matter whether it is turned off as it will remain active and it is recorded to you PeekTab account. You can also change your login by visiting Login page any time you feel like as well.

Hence, it acts as the best tablet spy as you have the luxury of viewing results by login from any web browser and using any device in the process as well.


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