Guide to choose best speakers for your Personal computer

The laws are governing the behavior of the technology market are relentless. And yet, often surprise to us with results that are difficult to predict due to not only feed the rational needs of human beings, but also of passion with a high emotional content. Many audio enthusiasts have advocated for years with some truth and some degree of vehemence that the popularization of compressed audio formats, of which MP3 is the maximum stronghold, would cause the level of user requirement younger, who have not known the LPs and CDs have barely heard, fell far below the desirable minimum.

Currently, users can buy home audio equipment high quality facing a payout that is only a fraction of that we had to make less than a decade ago. Furthermore, the enormous popularity of smart phones (Smartphones) and PMPs (portable media players) is representing a huge boost for the audio market, leading to most users purchase a new headset or speakers to get the most out your multimedia device.

The speaker and cabinet terms are not equivalent, but are often used synonymously. If we want to be rigorous we call speaker to the entire device to which responsibility for the return of the sound, and speaker to each of the specialized elements in the transformation of electrical energy into sound.

You can buy best speakers for your Computer or music system online from various websites. I found some nice range of speakers from Tesco. Be sure to check the wattage capacity and the number or speakers in the package before buy such as woofer.

Speaker System

Speaker System

The latter is manifested through changes in air pressure that our ear and brain interpret as sound. For this reason, a speaker does not usually incorporate a single speaker, but several, so that each of them is specialized in the restoration of a different frequency spectrum.

Some manufacturers of high quality speakers defended the need to reduce as much as possible the complexity of this circuit to prioritize mechanical filtration transducers made ​​by themselves, but the fact is that some of the music are more complex filters.

Also interesting tape devices, the piezoelectric and speakers, but are less common. The latter are prized by enthusiast’s stereos high performance; they provide high sound pressure levels with power amplification sections moderate.

And finally, the woofers and subwoofers are those with larger diameter diaphragms precisely to cause displacement of a larger amount of air and thus provide a greater impact. Its size is usually between 200 and 300 mm, and is able to restore the frequencies below 400-800 Hz Best subwoofers can materialize even frequencies below 20 Hz, which we perceive as high intensity vibrations.


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