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Businesses don’t only depend on the product or service they are offering, they also depend on the post customer service as well. The after sales service is the actual reason why the customers will turn back to buy your service/product more. Successful businesses implement this kind of idea pretty well. They value the creative ideas from their staffs and generate positive thinking towards the business they own. That’s why planning each idea and implementing it requires a bunch of collaboration networks on each departments of the company to do it together. Therefore, project management software plays a great role in defining a perfect atmosphere for the team to work efficiently.

Comindware Project Management Software is the ultimate solution towards better team collaboration and online project planning. It can be pretty intimidating to know how in the world we’re supporting this software from its competitors. But, watching this software progressing through our eyes can make you pretty clear about its true capability. There are innumerable numbers of reasons to consider Comindware above all and some of them are real time Gantt charts, priority based planning tools, effective collaborating and executing potential, visual based project structures and lots of more options.

Comindware was backed by adapted business management systems for several years until it found a renowned place in the project management sector with its ultimate tools. People in the business don’t get too much time to decide on the project they are working on, that’s why they need a resourceful tool which can accommodate a perfect situation for their team managers with simplistic and intuitive design throughout the workout. They also want to make use of native iPhone and Android business apps, so they can keep up with their work on the go. With years of experience in this field, Comindware discovered what the managers are looking for and exploited the solution within its most recent software release. If your business is struggling for proper management throughout each of the departments and you’re going through tough time dealing with your staffs, then this software is your perfect solution. Let’s see what Comindware Project Management tool has to offer us in various ways.

Unified Project Management

Taking the priority of the busy managers and effective communication between each sectors of the company, this software associates a unified method to provide all the necessary tools and distributes the project according the plan. Leaving no department out of the reach it gives the opportunity to execute each member of the team into a single project pretty successfully.

Comindware can easily handle multiple projects as well. In case of many projects, this software executes automated priority-based tasks for the managers to assign to various members of different teams. With this project management software, say goodbye to your manual scheduling. Comindware can maintain each task and their deadlines according to the instructions and it provides a clean project structure including innumerable task hierarchy.

Real-Time Tracking of Each Task


Distributing each task among the peers of the team is pretty decent in Comindware. What is more amazing is its real-time evaluation of each task being performed by the staffs including the managers as well. As a whole, it provides a total picture of the assignment project in a hierarchical order. It provides Gantt charts for the managers to track multiple projects all at once. Comindware also gives great priority in building a great network among the team.

Encouragement of the team members with awards


Comindware Project also has an awards tab where employees are awarded considering their work progress/growth or performance. You can add custom awards considering the job roles such as for a designer role, there can be a Best Designer of the Month award.

Advantages of Using Comindware Project Management

  • The use of Comindware isn’t limited to the traditional project management software. It enlightens various possibilities to increase the potential of dealing with clients or dealing with internal management.
  • Intuitive User Interface & Beautifully Designed software
  • Advance management options
  • Effective Deadline management and scheduling system
  • Amazing Customer Support and after sales service
  • Great Value for price

Currently, Comindware provides multiple pricing solutions for the companies of different sizes. For 100 to 249 team of members, the price is $239.92 per user, per year. Also the starting price of each user each month starts at $23.99. You can also try Comindware Project for 30 days. Comindware can take your project management to a whole new level with its great resources.


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