Asus Chromebit to be launched in India in January ’16


Ever wondered of running Chrome Operating system on your television? Well, the key to doing so is the latest launch by Google- The Asus Chromebit.

Google describes the device as being smaller than a candy bar, which transforms into a full computer. By simply plugging this device into any display, you can turn it into a computer.

A tiny computer that can plug into the HDMI port of the television, the Asus Chromebit enables the television to do anything the Chrome browser is capable of;moreover, it also supports  offline features such as working on documents, playing media or offline games. Also, you can get this wonderful device for a mere 7999 INR. According to the recent update, Asus Chromebit will be available for purchase Latest by January 2016.

The hardware specifications of Asus Chromebit include 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage and it is powered by a 1.8 GHz processor.

There are many devices like the Asus Chromebit available in market wich run Windows on one’s television. However, general view is that these devices provide a very sluggish user experience. Meanwhile the Chrome OS is just an extension of Chrome Browser and is pretty light weight;this helps the devices such as Asus Chromebit to run Chrome OS smoothly over Television.

The system supports an USB port for expandable storage and even gets updated automatically when connected over a Wi-Fi network. The device supports Bluetooth for wireless audio playback and file transfers. When paired with a TV, the Asus Chromebit could prove to be a good alternative to the smart TV. The Asus Chromebit is capable of working both while connected to the Internet and when it is offline too. However, connecting it to the Internet will turns the Chrombit into a lightning fast portal for gaming, entertainment.

This latest offering can prove to be a major success in the economical market where customers are trying to find innovative substitutes for the conventional technology by each passing day.


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