Break Into the Field of Technology

Break Into the Field of Technology

Enjoy the fast paced field of technology? Well, there are many positions you can consider to break into the field. You can become an engineering technician, computer and information systems manager, computer operator, software publisher or computer systems analysts. There is a long list of positions that are available in the technology industry, so don’t hesitate to feed your curiosity by browsing through your options.

To begin, if you decide you would like to be an engineering technician – this coincides with electrical and electronic engineering (they make up 33% of this industry) – you will be required to use mathematics and scientific theories to help analyze and solve technical issues. You will deal with research & development, manufacturing, construction, sales, maintenance and inspection. The engineering technician also assists the scientists in the research and development process. Product design, development and production assistance is also in the job description. A minimum of an associate’s degree in engineering technology is required.

As a computer and information systems manager, you will be responsible for dealing with network security, constructing business plans dealing with technology and directing the operations for the Internet. The systems manager does all computer-related activities in the firm. Other duties include conducting research, planning and coordinating the technology needed for a given company. It is important that you recognize the goals of the business so that you can properly take them on the accurate path to success. Mostly experience and a higher education is required to get an entry-level position.

Does Bill Gates inspire you to think big? In the software publisher position, you will be a part of creating computer software, systems and networks. You will be involved in all parts of the designing, production and distribution of the software. The publisher is required to provide documentation and assist customers with the installation process. Customer service support is also your task in this position. There are two main categories in the technology field, applications and systems software. For application software, think of word processors like Word and Word Perfect; plus games, graphic packages and data storage. Systems software consists of operating systems and other programs needed for the proper functioning of a computer. Educational requirements vary depending on the publishing industry you decide to work in.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you can enter the field as a computer systems analyst. Here your tasks include consulting with businesses to analyze what technologies are needed to run the company. You are also needed to solve computer issues by using technology that suits the needs of the institution you’re working for. Businesses aren’t always aware of new software available or what they need and don’t need. As an analyst, you will inform the managers and owners to help them decide what’s required for the business’s success.

Oversee the operations of computer hardware in the company you’re employed with. As a computer operator, you will help to ensure that the machines are secure and working efficiently. Other job duties will be determined by the software and equipment being used. The policies of the company you’re working for will also play a part in laying out your tasks. Usually, only a high school diploma is required.


  • Computer Operator – $20,510 – $43,060
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager – $79,240 – $129,250
  • Engineering Technicians – $82,000 – $170,000
  • Software Publisher – $1,444/week average
  • Computer System Analysts – $42,780 – $87,600

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