6 Most popular Games for your Smartphone of Year 2014

In today’s time, We guys are so much preoccupied with our work and tensions, that we don’t have time for each other. Gone is the time, when we all used to hang out, have fun, have cheered, and make the full out of life. Today, we all are restricted to our offices, then homes, and workout sessions, that we attend because of the doctor’s guidelines. It is very important to keep the mind relaxed. The entertainment industry, has its very vital organ, Gaming, which gives you countless time of entertainment and fun, and can be enjoyed anywhere now, may it be your console, laptop, desktop, and even the smartphone.

Our smartphones are a 1000 times more capable than the computer used by Neil Armstrong to touch the moon, and can play some amazing and cool games! The smartphone gaming industry has been on the past since the developers took it over. Casino games are also very common on the same platform. You get to enjoy a lot of Casino bonus, and other features, that you might not even find in a real casino, and the transactions being as authentic as anything.

Some of the best smartphone games for 2014 are:

Trials Fusion
You are on a bike. But, no, you are not racing. Not as easy as a racing game, this involves your reflexes and technique to balance the bike over various surfaces, and clearing the levels.

South Park
So, you remember this epic comedy tv series? Yes the game has a lot of innovative stuff, all related to it, giving you such a cool laugh time, and actually clearing up your mind for some time.

The Vanishing Act
So you find yourself lucky? And, love to gamble. Well, need not visit a casino anymore.  This is an awesome slot machine game. Install this game right on your smartphone, let the stakes be high, and whenever you feel like you are lucky, let the games begin! Totally authentic over the financial transactions, approved by all the possible security certifications, and as exciting as it can get! Unlike your favorite casino, they will give you a much better casino bonus!

Dark Souls 2
This is an award winning game on the PS3, as well as on the smart phones. All about the spirits, ghosts and you kill them, this is as cool as it can be.

This is that same cool game, giving you nostalgia from your childhood, with much better combat skills, movement, fun, etc. A must have if you have to attend boring lectures, because this will help you rescue them.

Child of Light
If you love Role playing games, trust me, this is something you will adore for a long time. A great story line, amazing work at the art, and wonderful at gameplay. A must have in your smart phone.


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