Trends in Online Gaming

Latest Trends in Online Gaming Industry

Online gaming industry is growing day by day. People are turning towards online games from traditional offline games. Unlike offline games, most of the online games don’t have an actual storyline and hence having no end to the game, which is every gamer’s need – to be able to play your favorite game for as long as you want. The number of people playing online games daily is increasing per day. Here are the trends in online gaming industry that are blooming.

F2P(Free To Play) games

Everyone loves free, don’t they? Free-to-play model targets such gamers. Providing free games opens better business approach for developers. They can come up with new ideas to monetize these games as they go on with it. It is beneficial to both developers and gamers because in F2P games, users can play the game without having to pay for a single thing. If they want some special items or products, they can pay for the same seperately, which would be a lot less than what the cost of whole game would have been. F2P strategy is currently trending in gaming industry.


Trends in Online Gaming - Esports

Trends in Online Gaming – Esports

E-sports has gained much popularity in last couple of years. If you don’t know what is E-sports, it is multiplayer gaming experience fused with physical sports, in short – Gaming Competitions. Twitch – online game streaming website – mainly helped in growth of E-sports. Because of such competitions, people are looking at gaming as a career. Game franchises such as League of Legends, Call of Duty have had events with prizes of more than $1 million. Sites like m88 give many choices of such online games to play, along with other entertainment. E-sports also attracts lot of big sponsors for their events because of the crowd.


Ever since iOS and Android phones conquered mobile phone industry, many developers have turned from PC games towards mobile games. People can anytime pop out their smartphone and start playing a game. Online games are not behind in mobile gaming sector. Many MMOs are gaining popularity as now you don’t have to rely on your laptop or PC just to play online game. Revenue from online games on mobile is also astonishing. Mobile gaming is also changing demographs of gamers, since even female users are turning towards gaming because of flexibility of the devices.


Developers should focus on online gaming industry as well since it is gaining much popularity and has better revenue models and business opportunities.

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