The most trending mobile communication apps and tools

The advancement of mobile technology has resulted in increasing popularity of smartphone and tablet devices. The primary use of these mobile devices is communication. What this means is making phone calls, messaging texts, browsing the web, and emailing. However, advanced level of mobile communication basically indicates the way these devices communicate with one another through different options and devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and tethering.  There are many generalized apps available for both iOS and Android platforms. These apps are also compatible with Blackberry and Windows platforms. Android platform is the most effective and compatible platform for all these apps to run smoothly. Since it’s built on open development platform, the outcome is always innovative with tremendous chances of growth and improvement.

When discussing about the most trending mobile communication apps and tools, Android based apps are functionally more efficient in terms of tethering, web browsing, and SMS with strong privacy options and great customization benefits.

Some of the best trending mobile apps for SMS and private messaging purpose are:

  • Chomp SMS
  • Cloud SMS
  • Ninja SMS

While Chomp is available free of cost, the other two needs to be purchased for $0.99 and $1.50 respectively. Chomp is perfect for stock-messaging with exclusive features like message locks, future texting, SMS blocker, privacy options, etc. Also, there are colourful themes with attractive notification signals, textured background, vibration patters, fonts, and colours. The Cloud SMS app is exclusively designed for tablets. However, the most advantageous part of this device is that it works simultaneously on both mobile phones as well tablet. Email accounts are hashed perfectly as an additional security measure. Switching between SMS and your favourite web channel becomes unnecessary with Ninja SMS. It features an option to read and reply incoming messages without leaving the current session of internet browsing.

What about the Tethering and Wi-Fi Hot-Spot Apps? Surely, there are some highly useful ones available presently. Have a look:

  • Barnacle Wi-Fi
  • Easy Tether PRO
  • PDA NET+

If you don’t want to invest upfront, then Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether is the best available option. This app easily transforms your smartphone or tablet into a Wi-Fi ad-hoc hotspot. Now, you can easily share the 3G/4G connection with game consoles, computers, and smart TVs. However, rooting your phone can be a complex option to face for starters but it’s essential toget the job done. If you don’t want to face with the complex rooting part, then Easy Tether PRO can be a good option to avail. But it doesn’t come for free; you need to invest $9.99 to purchase it. Easy Tether simply works through USB connection for the PCs and also supports Bluetooth tethering for all those tablets that runs on android version 4 and above. However, the investment is one time and there is no monthly fee involved. Another payable tethering application is PDA NET+ that comes for a price of $14.95. This also doesn’t involve any rooting and allows Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well Wi-Fi tethering. It can be used for your PC, smartphones, tablet, and gaming devices for no additional monthly fee.

Then, there are the Mobile VoIP apps for free calls through internet to any part of the world from anywhere. Importance of dedicated mobile VoIP services cannot be overlooked by any means. With the introduction of a mobile VoIP service, you can simply eliminate the concept of conventional telephone calling. A mobile VoIP phone drastically reduces the calling rates over international and domestic calls with higher flexibility on call timing. Have a look at some of the best known Mobile VoIP apps available presently:

  • Viber
  • MagicApp
  • Skype

Viber is a nice mobile VoIP app that offers free calling and texting facility to anywhere in the world. With Viber, you can easily place the voice calls over Wi-Fi or data to any user, anywhere in the world, and at free of charge. However, the user at the receiving end should also have Viber installed in their device. Viber-Out Service is perfect to play those VoIP calls in landline phones and normal mobile phone users. Viber app can work in any platform, be it Android, Blackberry, Windows, iOS, Symbian, etc. MagicApp is also very similar to Viber but with a slight difference. MagicApp is not totally free of cost. A low rate is involved while you plan to use this app. Skype is free and used to be a very popular option for free VoIP calls. In fact, it was the only option available a few years ago. Presently, with Viber’s enormous popularity, Skype has taken a slight back seat. However, still it is better than most of the other VoIP apps available outside Viber and MagicApp.

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