Make Your PlayStation 4 Look Absolutely Killer With Custom Skins

For some, a Sony PlayStation 4 is far more than a gaming console. It’s not only an entertainment system, but also an extension of personal tastes, styles, and personalities. Hardcore gamerstake their hobby very seriously, and naturally want as many customizable options for their chosen system as possible.

As far as personalizing a PS4 goes, there are a few well-known options for the user interface and technical processes. But there are also options to individualize the exterior of the system as well. This includes painting, case modeling, and adding skins to the surface. Generally speaking, painting, stickering, and skinning the PlayStation 4 are the most popular options. If you want to have your console painted, there are specialty artists out there who’ll charge you a lot of money to have the job done right. While you’ll certainly end up with a unique system, painting it will void the manufacturer’s warranty—the artist will have to disassemble the PS4 to paint it properly and keep paint from getting where it doesn’t belong. The artist will also have to prep (in other words, sand and prime) the surface to prepare it for its facelift. It can take from two to four weeks to see a completed professional job, as the process is similar to painting a car!

Adding a protective and visually appealing skin to your console and ps4 controller skins is the least-expensive way to customize your equipment, and it’s a way to avoid voiding your warranty. Skins can come in a surprising amount of shapes, colours, textures, and designs. And there are many companies that offer skins in all price ranges, which are usually much, much lower than what you might expect.Doing some research on materials, colours and designs, warranties, and ease of use will let you find the skin that’s right for you.

These skins can make your console look completely original (and impressive!) while offering decent protection from nicks and scratches and other minor disasters. Cheap ps4 controller skins won’t last very long, especially for controllers that have to withstand a lot of action (and sweaty palms!). Manufacturers should produce skins that fit accurately and precisely, with materials cut using CNC laser-guided technology. Look for quality skins that can withstand constant abrasion and handling. Don’t buy just any material — make sure they’re made from authentic 3M vinyl to allow for excellent protection and adhesive-free removal.  If you are a professional gamer, buy from a company that has been around for a while and can offer solid warranties for their skins. We’d recommend starting your search with dbrand inc ( They have a great reputation and offer some of the most dazzling designs and colours for skins on the market.

Adding skins to your PS4 and controllers won’t set you back the kind of money and time that a paint job will, and will keep your investments looking killer for so much longer. If you’re the kind of gamer that does everything your way, you’ve got to check out what a skin can do for your style.

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