Rental Lease and Agreement Services in Bangalore

Bangalore has proven itself to be a diehard property market. The city has been the quickest to emerge from the slowdown quagmire and has become a favourite destination for builders from across the country. Interestingly enough, it also is one of those few prime territories that is an early adopter of new technology and services. Hence when launched its rental agreement services for pg in Bangalore, the city welcomed it with anticipated enthusiasm.

Rental Agreement Service Explained

The new rental agreement service offered by has been created for the benefit of property owners who have to let their properties out to tenants. In such cases, there is the involvement of a broker and/or investment of time to create the necessary rental agreement. has offered this new service where the landlord can create a rental agreement of his/her choice without having to leave the house. There is no need of a court typist to create the rental agreement verbatim. Basis the landlord’s requirements, the agreement is created as per the legal requirements.


Additionally, the property owner can pay the stamp duty for rental apartments in Bangalore online. Then the printout of the rental agreement is taken and delivered to the tenants where it is signed in the presence of witnesses. In the whole process, the owner as well as the tenant can save time.

How is the Legal Verbatim Created?

So far, all property owners who offer flats for rent in Bangalore have banked on legal representatives to create lease agreements that have content which can stand up in courts if needed. However has simplified the process of creating the rental agreement to such an extent that the property owners can singlehandedly create comprehensive rental agreements of their choice.

To do this the end user has to select the rental agreement service option. This leads to a page where one might notice a blank stamp paper in the background. The left panel offers options of details to be filled. Each option brings up a form where the property owner has to fill in the said details. As soon as these details are filled in the box, one notices that the stamp paper now exhibits the rental agreement terms inclusive of the said details. As the property owner keeps filling more “forms”, the rental agreement keeps writing itself!

Customization Options

The whole layout has been designed in such a manner that the mandatory elements of a rental agreement for Bangalore are included first. There are other comprehensive options available as well. Suppose a property owner has certain rules related to pets in the property, then there is a provision to include the same in the agreement. Similarly, there are other pointers which relate to property maintenance, parking and numerous other aspects of rental agreements.

There is a provision to get a printout in case needed. Otherwise all the paperwork is done by the representatives of They take the printouts, deliver the rental agreement to the tenants’ doorsteps and get the copies duly signed.

In Conclusion

The whole rental agreement service has been designed in line with the other features and services of The primary objective is to offer reliable service while giving the control in the hands of end users. This allows them to work their way through their deals without wasting any extra time and resources.

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