How locational advantage helps in property appreciation

The first question everyone encounters after pronouncing the words that s/he is buying a house is perhaps the location of the house. This is one thing people ask in a very inquisitive way…the locational advantage has many fold advantage and the primary being the fast appreciation of the property. Builders and developersalways prefer to pick up prime or easily accessible locations and undoubtedly portray them as one of the USP for marketing and promoting the property and yes…even end users try to look out for the same too. There are couple of speculations behind this propositions which may go like this…

How locational advantage helps in property appreciation

We are social animals

Yes…proved and accepted from time eternal that human beings prefer to stay close to places which provides them with the opportunity to socialize with everyone. No one prefers to be stranded in an isolated concrete jungle. Hence any residential property with theatres, café, book store, shopping centers, groceries, amusement park etc. definitely witness a better appreciation than those who are located at the miles away…and off late the newest buzz in the real –estate is the newly launched Tata Housing residential projects – Tata Santorini in Chennai reflecting the Spanish architecture through the low rise apartments perfect for living cordially with neighbors and friends

Getting stuck in Traffic is stressful

Getting stuck in traffic can be very stressful and exhaustive. Be it in the morning when you are in the rush to attend your morning meet or in the evening then you have your loved one waiting for you for some ‘we ‘time since they are also stuck within the four walls as your house is in some interior suburban which has less options for enjoying life. Hence, The Tata New Haven in Bengaluru with their eco homes not only located with the locational advantage, but the plush landscaped greenery let you breathe pure in the tranquility of Nature

Long drive to office…not that a happening proposition

Long drives are definitely fun during weekends when you have plans to explore the roads with your friends, but driving every day for office and commuting back…Situations could be worse if you are dependent on public transport which has very limited options…At home you are stressed pot about reaching your office and once you are in office you panic about getting back home…the better way of investing your time is to spend time with your near and dear ones by taking a walk or taking up indoor or outdoor sports and branded projects of Tata Value Homes gives you all the opportunity to do so

And when you decide to sell off your house

That is a real struggle to get a perfect buyer and the end…you may get suggestions from well – wishers to undervalue the property if you want to get a decent buyer

Don’t overlook the fact that property is an asset for you and you should be considering its appreciation value even if you decide to use it for your personal use. Even if you see the elephants and the rabbits of the real estate market always pick up the locations which is been commuted from the prominent landmarks of the city. Tata Value Homes always thrives to ensure that better living at affordable range and if you actually planning a real – estate investment…Tata Residential Projects will never disappoint you as it endows you with the locational advantage as well as brand name too…

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