A140F 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Fenda Audio launches the NextGen A140F 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Fenda Audio India (F&D Audio) has announced the launch of its latest product A140F 2.1 MultiMedia Speaker. As stated by the F&D Audio, the A140F 2.1 MultiMedia Speaker comes with the next generation design and an amazing 4-inch heavy-duty subwoofer. It also sports a 3-inch full range driver provides superior audio quality and reduces the noise.

Fenda Audio India has tagged the price for the mentioned speakers at an affordable rate of 2,999 INR.

The A140F features a pair of satellite speakers and a subwoofer which aims to provide unmatched sound quality in its range. The speakers have been designed smartly so that they can fit into any home or workspace. The speakers are built elegant and smooth design to bring life to your music, movies and games.  The A140F consists of a wooden cabinet which ensures delivery of strong and low distribution bass.

The sub-woofer comes with 4-inch bass driver and the satellite speakers are powered by 3-inch full range drivers for high-performance output. A140F is also capable of some user friendly features such as Multi-Color LED, USB, Product qualified by SIG certification, Plug & play USB/SD card reader, USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding, Uninterrupted digital FM working on PLL technology, FM storage up to 40 stations, Full clear sound with powerful bass, Fluorescence full function remote control, Play your desired song & FM station directly by numeric keys through remote to enhance your listening experience.

 For more details regarding the A140F speakers, you can visit http://www.fendaaudio.com

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