Baidu’s DU Battery Saver Crosses 400 mn Downloads, Gets Version 4.0 Upgrade

Leading Chinese language Internet search provider, Baidu, recently announced that it has released version 4.0 of its popular Android app DU Battery Saver. The mentioned release is part of the celebrations of the app surpassing 400 million downloads worldwide.

According to the developers of the DU Battery Saver app, the said app has gotten extremely popular in several countries including India, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. The U.S. in particular was the source of a lot of growth in 2015, which indicates that smartphone battery life is a shared pain point between users in emerging and developed markets, they said.

In addition to releasing the 4.0 version of DU Battery Saver, the Baidu Mobile Apps team has also published a white paper research study on global smartphone trends. The paper incorporates user behavioral data from both DU Battery Saver and DU Speed Booster covering over 200 countries, and is available for download on the Baidu Global website.

du battery saverDU Battery Saver Version 4.0 new features:

  1. Improved battery accuracy – Faster, more accurate battery consumption readings with more thorough assessments and solutions;
  2. Optimized engine – Greatly improved the app’s Aurora Engine to consume less RAM and CPU, and boost battery savings.
  3. Completely streamlined design – DU Battery Saver’s interface has been completely redesigned for a cleaner, simpler experience.
  4. Lighter build – Slimmed down the app install size to occupy less space on users’ devices.


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