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Yahoo Mail app for Android and iOS updated,Brings in Swipe Feature

As part of its annual overhauling process, Yahoo has updated several of its interests such as the Yahoo Mail app for Android and iOS, as well as its desktop and mobile websites. With this update, Yahoo aims for bringing better-tailored news and video content alongside improving discussions with a more easily accessible comments section. The US Internet giant has also rolled out several updates for its Android and iOS Mail apps which have added several new features including custom swipes and the ability to share recent attachments in these apps.Users can now turn on the notifications for an article so that they are notified in real time whenever the story is updated.

Simon Khalaf, Senior Vice President, Yahoo, said,

“We’ve made it easier to discover and create conversations with a community around engaging content and follow the latest developing stories in a nearly infinite news stream,”.

The latest Yahoo update now lets users to scroll through related stories in-line, instead of opening each article in a separate tab. The company says its algorithms now show tailored story articles on the news feed, based on what users are interested in. “The more you use the app and homepage, the better your experience will be,” says Khalaf. The update also shows comments directly in-line below the story.

On the Android platform, the new updated Yahoo Mail app brings the ability to customize swipe gestures on the mail. This will let users to choose what action will be taken when a mail is swiped from right to left or vice versa. More performance enhancing options such as Options to star a mail, send it to a folder, archive it or more are included. The Multi-Select Toolbar options to star and mark as a spam also comes as a part of the update. “Even before you open the Yahoo Mail app, you can now take action on incoming emails right in the notification for a faster and more seamless way to manage your emails. The actions available in your notifications are the same ones you’ve selected for swipe actions.”

For the iOS platform, users will get the same update minus the option to perform swipe actions directly from notification. The updated Yahoo Mail app for iOS makes it easier to forward images and file attachments they received from a different user. While composing a mail, the app will now show the recently received photos and file attachments, along with a search bar to easily attach it to the mail. The update has also included the option to create, delete and rename folders (and subfolders).

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