Set Your Friends Up with Spritzr Match Making App

How many times have you been out to lunch with one of your friends and had to pause your conversation while they flipped through the latest list of matches from their dating app? If it was something that happened occasionally, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Yet, it has been happening for months now and they have yet to find anyone. Well, now there is something you can do about it.

You Can See What Everyone Else Can’t

Spritzr is hand down the best matchmaking app that gives you the ability to provide your friends with recommendations for dates. Every time you guys go out, you see some of your friends hitting it off but it seems like once the night ends, so does the chemistry. That’s probably because everyone thinks it is just a bunch of friends having fun together. Spritzr, the matchmaker app, lets you point out this chemistry to your friends, without making things awkward or embarrassing.

Turning The Friend Zone Into Something Positive

A lot of people are worried about dating within their social circles. If a fight happens and the relationship ends badly, things are bound to get uncomfortable for a lot of people. This is why people commonly get tossed into the dreaded “friends” zone. That or they just have no interest in dating each other. However, by having all your friends use the Spritzr dating app, you can drop subtle hints to them anytime you notice things going the right way.

Spritzr Is Not Intrusive

Typically, when people are being setup by friends, they get nervous. They worry that the person playing the role of match maker will get too pushy and try to force the issue. With the Spritzr matchmaking app, this is not the case. It is more of a gentle nudge, which makes entertaining the idea of a relationship much more appealing to them. Give the Spritzr matchmaker app a try today, your friends are going to thank you for it.

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