Office Equipment You Need When Starting a Business

While starting a new business can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it’s also likely to be a long and possibly frustrating process. There is no easy way to go about it – aside from the business side of things, you’ve got to think about logistics. Where will your office be located, and what do you need to kit it out appropriately?

Here, we discuss the key office equipment types that are essential to the future of your company. This information could also be valuable for existing businesses looking to move into a new office, and are in need of some guidance.


Even in the digital age, paper still has a large role to play in the business world. Therefore, it’s essential to get your office a high-quality printer that can meet all of your requirements. Printing is a simple process that gets taken for granted, but without one, you’ll find your work much more of a struggle.

There are a few things you need to consider when buying, renting or leasing a printer. Ink vs laser, colour vs white etc. Some will even have additional features, such as Google Cloud Print and e-mail capabilities.


As with the printer, a photocopier is essential in organising your paper-based documents. Making copies and sharing them with your colleagues is a frequent process in offices around the world, and a good photocopier can perform these duties with the upmost ease and convenience.

Again, you need to put a great deal of thought into the type of photocopier you want to acquire. One thing to consider is how much you expect you’ll need to use it, as some are more capable of handling large bulks of data than others.


In this day and age, it is near impossible to run a successful business without a comprehensive computer system in place. Whether you kit the office out with desktops, or issue a laptop to individual employees, you cannot compete effectively without the appropriate technologies at your disposal.

The computers, however, are not of much use without the relevant software. Obviously some of the basics like Internet browsers and e-mail capabilities are included with any operating system, but you might have to fork out for more specialist programmes. The likes of Microsoft Office won’t come cheap, but are imperative to your operations.


While landlines might be slipping in popularity when it comes to home use, there is no doubting that they are still needed in the workplace. Employees don’t want to use their personal mobiles, and other forms of communication can often be slower. A business telephone communication system is well worth your investment.

Having office phones connected to one another makes things a lot more convenient. You can transfer calls through the office, for example, or leave your desk in the knowledge that there will always be someone around to answer a phone call meant for you.

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