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First International Beauty Pageant to have Robot Jury

Robots Jury !! Yes, you heard it absolutely right. In a major push forward to the artificial intelligence industry, an all Robot Jury is set to judge an International beauty pageant.

We live in an era where machines have become significant part of our life. One has to use these machines (read time saving “lifeforms”) in order to navigate through one’s respective daily chorus. However, people don’t usually give machine intelligence much credit which they deserve. That may change with the launch of the world’s first international beauty contest judged exclusively by a robot jury.

This particular beauty contest requires participants to take selfies via a special app and submit them to the contest website. New sophisticated facial recognition algorithms that allow machines to judge beauty in new and improved ways have been constructed for the said purpose. But the beauty contest does not allow participants to use make-up, have beards or wear hats in their submitted selfies.

The robots will analyze the many age-related changes on the human face and evaluate the impact on perception of these changes by people of various ages, races, ethnicities and nationalities.

Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO, Insilco Medicine, said “Recent advances in Deep Learning have made machine recognition of beauty aspects far better than ever before.”

Machine intelligence capabilities have been steadily growing in sophistication every year. The beauty contest also caters around programming skills. Part of this beauty will also judge programmers submitting their best algorithms for machine detection of beautyThe beauty pageant website states, “Would you like to go down in history as one of the first data scientists who taught a machine to estimate human attractiveness?”  Microsoft, Nvidia, Youth Laboratories and other companies are prominently listed on the website as “partners and supporters.”

“This contest will help build impartial feature-specific and general robots that will help us understand our faces. But my personal dream is to have this contest extended into anti-aging and general healthcare space,” said Nastya Georgievskaya, robot tutor at Youth Laboratories, a company developing deep learning systems for facial analysis.

This beauty contest will run every half a year, and more and more teams from all over the world will be invited to try their robots on human faces linked to multiple other parameters.  Eventually, through this technology, machines may even learn to judge another machine’s appearance, opening up the possible world of robot attraction and love.


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