Complete Review of OPPO FIND 7 Mobile

The FIND 7 is Oppo’s best phone to this point, which means that one thing for a comparatively unknown company that is already place out some solid phones. Its combination of sturdy performance and a Quad HD screen create it a worthy alternative; see you later as you do not mind learning a replacement flavor of golem.


If Oppo’s N1 pushed the boundaries of wise smartphone style, and then the FIND 7 could be a celebration of the plain black face and  the full issue is nearly unapologetically monolithic. The sole real concession to the notions of grip ability and luxury is that the gently curvilineal (and removable!) armour plate. Ours was dark grey with Associate in Nursing ersatz carbon fiber end that squeaks once you run your nails across it, though’ there is a white model, too. If you actually dislike the end (and wish to avoid wasting a trifle money), there is a slightly lesser version of the device referred to as the FIND 7a that has pure, swish backs.

There’s Associate in Nursing Oppo emblem carven underneath the 13-megapixel camera and twin crystal rectifier flash. All that sits higher than the amazingly solid speakers sitting low on the FIND 7’s rear cowl. You are technically purported to depress a little button embedded within the phone’s edge to pop that cowl off, however a trifle labor (or, you know, some fingernails) can neutralize a pinch. Once you manage that tiny accomplishment, you will discover the three, 000mAh battery beside your bog-standard micro-SIM and microSD card slots. If you were to look additional still into the 7’s chassis, you’d conjointly spot the two.5GHz quad-core flower 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and Adriano 330 GPU that keep things running therefore swimmingly (more thereon later). Then again, you’d would like X-ray vision for all that, and that i prefer to suppose that if that were the case, you would be mistreatment it for the bigger smart rather than reading this review.

If there is one specification, one technical kickshaw that produces the FIND 7 such a fascinating piece of kit, it’d be that five.5-inch Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) IPS show. Oppo’s style philosophy now around appears to replicate that actual fact — the Find’s face is therefore retiring that there is nothing for your eyes to lock onto aside from the screen. That is why it is a bummer to own to proffer this reality check: For all the commotion the FIND 7’s screen has caused in geekier corners of the net, it still has its share of flaws. aren’t getting American state wrong: It’s even as crisp as publicized, with individual pixels that square measure not possible to select out with the eye, and viewing angles that’ll cause you to fashionable your airline seatmates. If all you care concerning is pure component density, the FIND 7 will not leave you high and dry. However concerning color reproduction? Erm, it is a very little wonky: Whites tend to require on a cooler solid.


Oppo went with a additional ancient camera setup now around, which implies the device lacks the buggy charm that created the N1 such a head-turner. Because it seems, the FIND 7 truly uses identical 13-megapixel Sony Exmor detector because the (much cheaper) OnePlus One, which implies most of the imaging problems we’ve run into within the past square measure still gift. i would hardly decision any of them deal breakers: Soft focus can often (and subtly) mar a number of your additional frenzied shots, and color saturation is not quite as punchy as i would like. In best conditions, you will not have to be compelled to worry concerning these problems the maximum amount; however it’s still unsatisfactory to ascertain Associate in Nursing otherwise bold phone disappointed by a definitely average camera.

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