All You Need to Know About Electronic Logbooks for Truck Drivers

By the end of 2017, most of the fleet companies had complied with ELD (electronic logging device) requirements. Although some are still struggling to comply, embracing this technology has numerous benefits for fleet companies.

If you are still wondering what the ELD is, then continue reading. It is a device with software that allows fleet drivers to record work details like hours worked and distance covered during a work shift. In addition to these, the device also performs many other functions in relation to the work of a fleet driver.

Common Features of an ELD

The device may look different depending on the manufacturer. But they typically do the same work across the board. Common features that they have include the following.

  • A display screen – whether it is operated using buttons or a responsive touchscreen, the driver should be able to see a graphical display of various results like hours worked, the engine status and additional data. Most of these devices have a big screen of more than 6 inches.
  • Connectivity – sophisticated devices have different connectivity capabilities like Bluetooth to communicate with other devices in the trucks and vans. They also connect to the internet to allow real-time transmission of data back to the company offices.
  • Interactive features – drivers may have more feature to interact with during their working hours depending on the device model. These can include a way to indicate whether one is on duty or not and whether the vehicle is moving or not.

Benefits of ELDs to Drivers and Fleet Companies

Both parties have a lot to enjoy when using these devices. This is why any fleet company should visit the Eyeride website today and buy the devices. First, they increase accountability, which is beneficial to the company and the individual drivers. If the company wants to reward the most proactive driver, they will just review the logs and determine who deserves it.

During working hours, the company can supervise the progress of work with ease. For devices that transmit data in real time, managers can query a driver whose truck is not moving. Apart from increasing productivity with this kind of monitoring, it can be a GPS backup to know when there is a problem with a truck if it is motionless for a long time.

Increasing income is the last benefit we will mention here. Most fleet companies lose money if time is wasted by truck drivers during their shifts. But as soon as the company introduces this device, all this will change. First of all, they can analyze things that are slowing deliveries and develop solutions. If each driver delivers to one more client and makes timely deliveries, the company will have more money.


By now, there is no doubt that ELDs are crucial devices that every fleet company should use. Although the initial cost may seem high, they will definitely provide value for the money. Start using ELDs today to make your fleet company more efficient.

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