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Smartphone Trends to Watch In 2016

Smartphone trends have been traditionally highly volatile with the mobile industry being very dynamic in nature resulting in ever-changing customer requirements. As per the recent data, today India has around third largest internet subscribers in the world. Interestingly, a majority of these internet users access Internet through their mobile phones. Since the advent of the budget as well as user-friendly Smartphones, Indians have been leading the race to purchase various PDAs and phones. As the Smartphone revolution is rapidly grabbing the mass consumers, the mobile phone industry is looking forward to the year 2016 to set new records. The upcoming internet explosion will predominantly be catered by smartphone to give a boost to the mobile apps and value-added services backed by 4G/LTE network technology.

After the highly successful year for Smartphone companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus in India, these companies are trying to find out different strategies to add more number of consumers into their already growing market share. We have put together some of the Smartphone trends that might be set as new innovations to seek out in your Smartphones in 2016:

Smartphone Trends for 2016:

  • Appearance- Probably the only sector which tempts one and all. Looks of your phone are highly influential. Smartphones are getting larger and slimmer and the market is gearing up for more trendy and youth-centric designs. Quality material, intricate finish, glossy look and improved edge protection technologies will also greatly change the cell phone’s appearance in 2016.
  • Speed: What is the use of looks if your phone doesn’t provide efficient performance to back up your looks? Performance is what makes your phone rise above the crowd. With several technological innovations happening in the mobile sector, the new smart devices will come with higher RAM, speed, faster processors and high-resolution cameras. As a result, we see lightning quick smartphones creating benchmarks for the fastest device being overtaken by the newer devices.
  • Experience: 4K isn’t a dream anymore. High-end Smartphones will be well equipped with 4K resolutions to provide a much-improved user experience. Backed by the 4G/LTE services, the video entertainment will take a big leap with high-resolution mobile screens. Rear lens with optical image stabilization will become popular, and front cameras will also become increasingly important.
  • Utility: we have got used to using our Smartphones almost everywhere. But more usage demands more battery. However, users need not worry. Quick charging has started to gear up and almost all the flagship as well as mid segment phones will get this feature for sure. Wireless Chargers will also be adding value to the Smartphone. The new Smartphones will come with features in sync with multiple endpoints — from wearables to phones, tablets, and web applications.
  • Security: Mobile is a highly dynamic industry and as the use cases and value of these devices continues to evolve, so do their threats. There has been a rise in phishing attacks and need of the hour is a proper antivirus software. In 2016, the privacy and security issues will be a priority so in line up to the same.

Team iTooleTech wishes all its Readers a very Happy New Year!!!! 🙂

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