Smartbox Automated delivery terminal
News is bringing Automated parcel delivery terminal in India

Last few years, especially last couple of years have been big for ecommerce companies as more and more customers are ordering online rather than shopping offline. With the festive season in India and ecommerce giants offering huge discounts on almost all products, number of orders being placed are booming. In such conditions, problems faced by ecommerce companies are mainly regarding delivery of the product. Delivery person calls up the customer, checks if the customer is available to take the delivery and then deliver the product. Even after confirming, there can be no guarantee of the delivery and late deliveries might also lead to cancellations by customers because of frustration.

Smartbox comes in the picture at this point. At Smartbox Automated delivery terminals, delivery guy can just drop off the parcel and consumer can collect it at his/her convenience. These terminals enable consumers with a highly secure, private, and convenient way to collect their online orders. Smartbox notifies the customer by sending an OTP when the parcel is delivered at the terminal. This way customer can go and pick up the order at their convenience.

E-commerce companies can connect to Smartbox easily. Making such deliveries at a Smartbox terminal will also increase efficiency of e-commerce companies and as well as courier companies. Smartbox has been established with an objective of streamlining the delivery process of e-commerce businesses in India and also improve online shopping experience for consumers. They are already associated with Shopclues, Oriflame and Voonik and exploring other e-commerce giants as well.

Currently these terminals are present at 120 centres in Delhi NCR including metro stations, shopping centres, central locations etc. They are also planning to install 100 of these Automated terminals in Mumbai by end of this year. Smartbox is aiming for 1000 of such terminals in top 8 cities in India by end of Fiscal Year 2016. Number of transactions expected are 5,000 per day from coming quarter and aiming to increase it upto 30,000 within a year

Smartbox is definitely a great idea, for both e-commerce companies and for consumers, for efficiency and convenience. I would love to see and start using Smartbox terminals here in Mumbai soon.

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