A.I.SHA - My Virtual Girlfriend

A.I.SHA – My Virtual Girlfriend – A must watch for every techie

With the dawn of internet era, people are slowly shifting from offline world to online. From shopping clothes to paying electricity bills, recharging their phones. Even the modes of entertainment are changing. Online games are getting popular. In such times, people are also shifting from watching TV series to watching web series. Now you must be wondering, why a tech blogger like me is writing about TV and entertainment. It is because a web series caught my attention. This series revolves around technology and I think every tech savvy person or geek should watch this. The series is A.I.SHA – My Virtual Girlfriend.

Story revolves around a guy named Sam. Sam is a genius app developer working at Future Lens. Sam has a dream project of building world’s greatest Artificial Intelligence app. But Sam’s boss – Sid, is an out-and-out megalomaniac who makes Sam’s life a living hell. Though Sam won’t let that come in the way of his project. He’s out to prove to the world that he is the greatest Artificial Intelligence app developer.

Sam also has crush on a girl named Kriti, who later develops feelings for Sam, but Sam finds her with another man. Meanwhile Sam develops A.I.SHA (Artifical Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant) – which is AI driven app, who is presented like a girl. A.I.SHA is self-learning since it is AI driven. She can learn things in 10 hours which took Sam 12 years to learn. Though this could be trouble for Sam, as A.I.SHA later develops her own mind and starts doing things as she pleases. A.I.SHA also gets attached to Sam and wants him to be only with her and to achieve this, she does everything she can, using the power of internet.

A.I.SHA season finale aired on 20th July, concluding season 1. Season 2 is in the making. To know more, you can watch A.I.SHA season 1 on Arre official site or on Youtube.

What this series tells us is that technology is taking over and we are controlled by technology every day. We have become slaves of our mobiles, laptops. Automation is helpful but can also be dangerous if not done correctly.

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