5 Reasons why you should keep your iPhone Secure

Did you ever wonder about all those secrets your iPhone can reveal if fallen in wrong hands? Though Apple takes pride in setting a very high standard for data security and privacy for its iPhone users, the device might be as secure as we often think. While iPhones are hard to hack when compared to other mobile devices, but the cybercriminals always have ways to steal sensitive private data.

Hackers can quickly grab personal data like images, videos, and more without the user knowing it. Also, Apple does not have any control over the information that gets collected that travels to various sources. This information can be the one that you had entered when you downloaded an application etc. Not every user is aware that several application providers sell the user’s data, and this increases the risk beyond hacking.

There are many reasons why you need to keep your iPhone secure, but let us look at the top 5 reasons why you should do so. Also, let us look at the steps you can take to minimize the risk of your data getting into wrong hands.

Safeguards your private and personal information

Even the very thought of some stranger using your personal images and videos without you knowing it can be quite disturbing. It can also be dangerous, and it can happen in many ways without you knowing it. This makes it important to use a secure program like Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS for added protection.  

Along with using a mobile security program, make sure you use a strong password in place of a four digit code. Users can also enable the option called “erase data,” which allows the device to erase everything from memory after ten failed login attempts.

Reduces the risk of hacking

Do you know that hackers can even spy on users through iPhone cameras? Hackers often create applications by easily abusing the permission settings of iOS. When users download such an app, it asks for permissions to access various components like the location, the camera, gallery, etc. Once the permission is granted, the app can access all those components when it is running.

Using a security program can alert the users when such an application is downloading and keeps your data safe and secure. 

Protects against malware

If you are using compromised apps, it not only makes your mobile phone vulnerable to spying but can also infect it with dangerous malware. There are times when we try and “jailbreak” the iPhone so that we can download 3rd party applications that are not offered by the Apple store. This increases the risk, and your device can be at risk of a malware attack. Never try to jailbreak the phone and use a secure program like Bitdefender to scan the device regularly.

Helps avoid the theft of your device

All of us have a few moments in our lives where we get distracted and leave our iPhones at a store or a coffee shop, only to realize it later. Though password and a fingerprint touch ID can prevent anyone from accessing your cell phone, will that really help? Did you ever wonder what would happen if a dishonest person finds your iPhone and gets hold of your messages, financial information, and more? This is one of the reasons why you need to keep your iPhone secure.

Prevents data harvesting

There is no doubt in saying that the security features of the iPhone to their job well, but as mentioned the privacy of a user is at risk when an application is downloaded and used. Many app providers harvest your data, and this can often lead to facing annoying data marketing. In some cases, the data collected can also make way to agencies that conduct a background check, and such information can always be used against you. It is important to protect your iPhone along with your privacy. Use a security program to make sure your personal data does not end up with someone you do not trust. Stay safe and secure!

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